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Alright, after many scheduling conflicts, some fatalites, and many maimings, the chieftains have settled in and answered all the questions given. Due to the murderous nature and auras of one of them, Their replies have been gathered by Mahrkos, Dez's adviser.

"Alright, let's get this done quick. Desz has A.D.D moments when I'm not there to supervise." He says with a slight groan. "In fact all of them do - bar the old man, and... well the male chieftains and Sifa."

He pulls the chair from behind the supplied desk, and takes a set.

"The way this works, is that I will go down the list of chieftains and read the questions to that chieftain, followed by their feedback - simple enough format I hope." He pauses and looks at the list. "Alright, I think I know where to start."

"First up is the old man, Fitting since he's our glorious unrelenting leader."

He looks at the group gathered. 

"First questions and commentary come from a respectful Elder named Goro and are as follows: For one who is so knowledgeable you have a rare sense of good fashion among all these crazy flying magic bug people- a great beard makes a great man, or fairy, or thing!  Anyways, to the topic at hand- for being so knowledgeable, do you ever wish to leave the spire to see or learn things firsthand again?  I have a fairly good perspective of what it's like being stuck in place, let me tell you!  Do you get to leave the spire to do your own thing, or are you stuck there having to be chieftain over a bunch of crazy kids like Natalie and Adreesa?"

"The answer is: First, I would like to thank one so dignified as yourself for taking the time to participate in this little excercise. I do infact have the urge to leave the spire every so often, and I do. USually when this happens, I Leave Sifa - our most mature and even tempered chieftain - in charge. As for Natalie and Adreesa... those two would drive any wise elder to an early grave."

"Next question, from Warnob: Venerable master Cryu'Azun, you are the oldest and wisest fairy in the Great Spire, I must ask since humans could never hope to find the answer: which came first the chicken or the egg?"

"The answer: Depending on what said human believes, and using our own race as an example - The answer would be the chicken. It's not complicated when you think about it. Using the Valka fae as the example, I am the first of the entire breed, and I was not born from a Fairy of any kind. I came from someone though, and I eventually became what is known as a Valka Fae. The same applies to the chicken."

"Finally, the last question addressed to our fearless leader, from a very frisky young Chintipni: 
Do you get all the ladies?  Or gentlemen too, if you're into that!  It seems like as the grand chieftain, you'd have lots of really sexy admirers, so I bet your sex-life is amazing!  Tell us all about it, please!"

His face turns red for a brief moment.

"The answer is: A gentleman certainly does not kiss and tell, but I will say this; someone had to help cultivate the species at it's inception. Infer what you will young lady, I hope this satisfies your curiosity"

"The next questions are devoted to Lady Sifa."

"First up is from a very honorable young warrior - Ciel: 
How do you feel about the Valka Fae and their fighting habits in general? I don't mean to offend or anything just seems like you seem so much more gentle and does it bother you at all about how violent they can be at times, given how much time you've spent around Natalie's clan?

"The answers are: Don't worry, no offense taken. I don't actually mind the fighting at all, the young ones are so full of energy and it's a great way for them to stay in shape - even if they do take it abit too far sometimes. It's said amongst our people, that the more violent one is - the more passion for their cause they have. We don't endorse cruelty (even to fairy hunters) under any circumstances, and punishment is typically doled out for those who engage in such practices."

"The next comes from Hazel: How do you feel about eating little creatures?  You know . . . the ones who can talk and stuff?  I just . . . I've been feeling really conflicted about that recently, so what's your perspective?"

"Answer: It's within the laws of nature as they are in this realm. That said, I give people many chances through both competition and reason to make their case - and I seldom let myself get hungry enough to actually crave such things. Even when I am in the mood it's something I consider heavily, because it's tiresome hearing all that noise coming from your stomach when you want to sleep. On top of that, if taste is all You're out for, then find something else to eat, rather than snuffing out a life for a few moments of self satisfaction. Make sense?"

"Next question comes from Liliana: Hello... ah... Miss Sifa I just wanted to ask ... if you were in the jungle , and found someone injured of any given race, would you help them? Would you still help if he/she or it refused help? And ...I wanted to learn medicine , could... you me... study please?"

"Answer: I help any and everyone I can provided I sense no ill will from them. Nothing else matters when tending to those who cannot tend to themselves. All Fairies in my clan hold this truth in the highest regard. As for studying medicine, I'm sure that would be ok, though I may not be the one to teach you because of all the responsibilities i have."

"Last question is from Warnob: Miss Sifa how did you meet and become friends it the dridder Noxica?"

"Answer: We met on the battlefield. She was such a hothead back then. She thought I intended to eat someone I was engaged in a battle of minds with - and so I decided to let her challenge me anyway, despite having no such intentions from the start. She and I are not so different, so it didn't take long for us to become friends. I can honestly say, that If she were what she is now back then, I might not have won our match so easily."

"Next, are questions for my Chieftain - Desz." He sticks his chest out some at this point.

"First question is from Naora: Keeping up a high level of focus and discipline for extended periods can take a toll on even the best of us.  So, what do you do to unwind and de-stress in your free time?"

He reads the answer then turns bright red.

"A-answer: "You're very right about such things wearing on a woman. Turns out, humans have many inventions that one can use to release some of this pent up tension when you can't find a suitable partner. When I get bored with that, I like to stalk my dear advisor, rummage through his things, leave not so subtle hints, and watch him sleep from time to time - joking! (which parts, i'll let you figure out)"

"Next question is from Hiechler Schneider: How do you deal with undead?"

"Answer: That's not an issue where we live, however I know it's a phenomena that occurs elsewhere. So, I say cleanse the lands with fire - nature's very own purging solution. Missiles, bombs,m and very powerful lasers are a great way to create life and unlife eradicating flames."

"Last question comes from Greyman101, a writer: You're billed as the most tactical of all the chieftains, and a gifted inventor to boot. So what kind of weapons and gear do you build for yourself when going on a mission, or for fights in general? At the risk of sounding too geeky, is it wrong to picture stuff like the Iron Man comics and movies, where pieces of armor and weaponry can be swapped out at will? And if a chance arose, would you like to study Crimson Maiden armor to see if it can improve your own work?"

"Answers: First of all, thank you for recognizing my craftsmanship. To a member of my clan, that is one of the highest honors one can bestow. The items I generally take into a fight are my tactical pistols and rifle, a couple of knives, and my custom made aether suit - which fits me quite nicely. The first 3 items are self explanatory, but the Aether suit is an invention I'm quite proud of. Imagine a suite that's as light as a feather, but functionally better than the toughest tactical armors on the market today. IT also sports a built in aether generator which allows for magic conversion in areas where there is little to no magic. Mine also fits like a glove, and shows off my "assets" in a very respectable way on top of being extremely functional. I don't know who this iron man is, but i'll bet he tastes good outside of the iron - but to your point, I can do that with Magic, mostly by changing the ammunition i use, and it's destructive potential. Finally, as far as the maidens go, I feel their armor should remain theirs. I gain nothing by studying something that I have no desire to compete with or replicate directly. That said, I am a fan of their technique and craftsmanship."

"The next set of questions are addressed to Lady Adreesa."

"First up comes from a mischievous mantoid named Liora: I don't know too much about magic besides a few tricks Goro does...but it sounds like you know how to do all kinds of different fun things with it!  I guess I want to know is what is your favorite thing to do with it?  Do you like having fun just making things, or does that just get in the way of the more fun things?

"The answer is: Of course I like having fun with it! Nothing gives me more pleasure then watching know-it-all mages try to figure out how it's even possible for certain elements to be bound together; they never even notice the shrinking part of it. My absolute favorite thing to do  - and dont tell big sis Natalie - is to find new ways of blowing spells up in her face when she least expects it. I guess that's why I know so many explosive pranks with ice! I'm always looking for new ways to make the elements dance and jump to my whims - it keeps things fresh.

"The second question is from Mina: 
You command the elements right?  And can even use that to build things?  That sounds really amazing . . . could you even make underwater structures that way?  I've heard there are great underwater cities in places, so . . ."

The answer is: Oh it's totally possible to do things that way! Building under water is simply a matter of controlling earth and water at the same time, since water is much heavier than the air. It takes abit of concentration, but if you're feeling abit bored - while you make the building, under the water - you can put in a fire place complete with burning fire in all of the rooms at the same time!"

"The final question is from Tatiana: 
Miss Adreesa I learned that you control a lot of elemental powers , is it difficult to control all of them at the same time? Is it natural for you or did you required a lot of training offer the years to acquire such mastery? Also do you have some advise for some one like my self and my siblings in how to control different elementals?"

"The answer is: It's always been second nature to me, even when i was young. The only thing I ever practice is new ways to mess with people's minds with the creations I unleash. Controlling said elements isn't hard as long as you know how to talk to them - they're usually very friendly to me, but that might just be cause i'm so cute. If you mean to control elements, I've heard that it merely takes alot of mental discipline and a vivid imagination capable of forming clear images of what it is that you want to do. If you mean to control elementals... well, you're going to need an absurd amount of power and talent. I know a couple of people like that, but it's not something you can just randomly pick up."

"The next questions are for... she who knows no self-control, Natalie." He says visibly shuddering.

"The first question and comments are from Ciel: 
Your daughter was an incredible person to spar against herself...just the idea of you being her mom alone is a bit intimidating and you've also built quite a reputation for yourself!  Though I have to wonder, what happened to your mate- Relina's father?  I know mantoids have their habits and well... I admit, I'm a bit concerned of what may have happened to him."

"The answer is: Eh? Ya worried about my man-milk donor are ya? I guess you musta heard that fairies can taste good with the right fixin's too, and you're worried I made a snack out of'em. Well, you can relax your pretty green little head - because there's no way i'd ever hurt a hair on my little desert prince's head. He and I had to part ways awhile back, because there were things in his kingdom that he had to handle. I couldn't stand in the way of that kind of devotion, so it wasn't exactly permanent. I can tell you this much though, if I ever see him again he wont walk proper for a month or two."

"Next two questions are from Warnob: 
Miss Natalie how did you meet the naga Malika? Also...  how do an Elemental an a fairy have a kid?"

"The answer is: I met my other daughter one day when she came to the spire hugging and groping all over my little Relina. She called me mom after she figured out I was Relina's mother and it just kinda stuck. That girl is a total sweetheart. As for the second question... dad stuck his thing in my mom, gave her a man-milk injection, and I popped out... didn't anyone ever teach you about mating?"

"The next comes from Greyman: I have it on good authority that when Relina was growing up, you shouted atop the spire that any guy who could take her down got first dibs when she came of age, all as part of a scheme to get your daughter more motivated. Any OTHER parenting tactics that us succulent humans would find questionable? Oh, and how did Imkza taste going down?

"The answers are: What does everyone wanna know about my mommy-ing fer? The little fire cracker turned out ok... I mean she's abit of a sadist in all, but other than that no major defects. Since we're on the topic though, I'd have to say the most questionable - and effective thing I ever did, was pit her against our house after we made sure she was immune to fire. We also didn't tell her it was all a joke, but she took that bit of survival training fairly well. Oh, and in case you're wonderin', our house is a abit of an oddball tree lady. She has a hankerin' for magical beings but she treats all of us like family. She still feels bad about scarin my daughter so pale, but they'll both get over it - eventually. As for that little bother of a firefly, I've had much better - she tasted hella good, but i had a terrible case of indigestion. I think it might have been something i ate shortly before or after. "

"The next question is from Ellionto: What was the toughest fight you've ever had?  Did you win?

"The answer is: The most fun fight I've had was with the old geezer who live's atop the spire. Yea i know he aint that old, but callin' him a geezer always gets under his skin. He beat the crap outta me though, because I ain't allowed to take this charm of mine off without permission. Even if i could, I wouldn't when it's not gonna be for keeps. It's kinda nice to feel pain every once in awhile since no one ever hurts me. Really gets the juices flowin if ya know what i mean. Next time I fight him, I'm gonna beat him up real good, then i'm gonna drag him back to my place and have my way with him till he can't walk right for a month or 2."

"The last two questions are from Marius: I heard much about you and your daughter Relina. And I was looking for a friendly match... Do you now any place that we can duel without doing much damage around us? Also....(becomes red with embarrassment and whispers) Do you now how to... or can give an advice in how to avoid the advances of a female Valka Fae ...( looks at Mika discretely)without offending her and being killed or worse?"

"The answers are: Good luck fighting anyone in my familly, or from my clan without any collateral damage. That's one thing we do really good. You're also welcome to have a go at me if ya want - I promise i'll do my best not to kill you accidentally - though if it happens, you wont ever see it coming I promise. As for as advances go, you're pretty lucky if you've got one of our kind wanting to take you to bed, and you should probably say yes, because it's better than the other places she could be putting you. If you just have to be a stick in the mud though, a very assertive "no" will usually do it. If that doesn't work, I would hope that you'd have the common sense to only refuse a Valka Fae that's weaker than you; because if she's stronger than you, you're in for a bumpy night."

"Next up, is our resident judge and jury, Theren."

"The question to him comes from Nerissa:  "Being the arbiter in matters of morality can be a heavy burden indeed, especially given just how subjective they can be.  Have there been any times where you were truly torn about how to deal with a crime/situation?"

"A very good question - to which the answer is of course yes. For one in my position to so easily be able to go one way or another when someone's life may depend on it, would make me a terrible arbitrator. While there are many situations that are simply black and white, most are grey. Often times, one has to look well below the surface to find all of the pieces to a given situation, if the correct decision is to be made. Sometimes, those decisions are unpopular with the other chieftains - like Natalie for example. Her solution is typically eat first, ask questions later. Generally the most burdonsome decisions tend to be the ones where a decision either way is technically the right thing to do."

"Alright, last but not least is our resident weapon-smith - Gladius."

"Up first with a question is Elsie, who asks: This question may seem similar to another, but it brings up an interesting point.  Are the works you do solely your own influence, or have they taken some inspiration from the works of other races famous for the craftsmanship such as the Titans or even Dridders?

"He responds: While I'm sure most consider it flattering to have their work built on, I find it abit lazy to base my own craftsmanship off the work of another. Aspects after the fact maybe - as a nod to someone I admire, but never the original concept. Every weapon should have it's own soul and not be the shadow of another."

"The next question comes from Kemsiyet, who wants to know: As an expert craftsmen of weapons and their usage, if you were forging a single weapon for someone to carry into a dangerous and unpredictable environment, what sort of blade would you recommend?  Something heavy and powerful, or light and quick?  Somewhere in between?"

"His answer is thus: That's a very good question - and very important to consider as a warrior or really any role in life that requires a weapon. Different smiths will take different approaches to this situation. My personal belief is that the only weapon that can ever serve as a "jack of all trades" is a weapon that has been crafted to augment it's user entirely. If a weapon becomes an extension of it's user, then it can't ever truly be wrong for a situation if the user is able to adapt. Yes there will be times where the nature of a weapon, makes it a bit of a hindrance - much like a mermaid's tail is on dry land - but there are many who've met their end in the belly of a beached mermaid for underestimating the situation."

"The next question comes from WarNob123: Master Gladius do you think that your work could rival the work of the old Felarya Titans, Endymion and perhaps be of equal quality as, if you now them, the Ancestor Dwarf God Grungni?"

"While I do not know who some of these people you speak of are - I can tell you this: My work is not meant to compete with, or outdo anything. It's meant to serve it's owner and help them to survive whatever they have need of a weapon for. When I make something, I put my all into it - as if i were making a weapon that my own survival depends on. I leave it for others to decide the quality of my workmanship. In general, I've never gotten any real complaints - nor have the experienced smiths in my clan. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship."

"The last questions are directed at all the chieftains. and our leader opted to answer most of them. I'll simply list these off in a Q&A format, as most of these are pretty open and shut."

Q) "Is feyweed a threat to Valka Fae?" 

A) No, because our makeup is different from the traditional fairy - our powers work differently

Q) "There is many powerful individuals around the Fairy Kingdom Territory, what is your opinion on some of the most powerful or famous beings around your home, namely :  archangel Markie, the Dridder Claire , the warrior monk Kai and the mage Vivian both Nagas: do you consider them as Threats? Friends? or Neutral?"

A) We generally remain neutral to all outside factions until we know their intentions. In the case of Vivian, she is a welcome guest to our spire,m and even in our competitions.

Q) "Hello ... I have just one humble question for all the chieftains... My Father was a Valka Fae , but I now nothing else from him. My mother a normal fairy, died a the hands of a fairy hunter when I was a baby. Since then I hate fairy hunters... But moving on... I was adopted by the dryad Shelny, she is just more that a mother to me , I owe her a lot. Since a child I always wanted to visit the Great Spire and now more bout my heritage. But adventures and being closed in an orb for more then half a century did not give me a lot of opportunities... So (curving before them)I am asking is it possible for me to visit the Spire? It all respects."

A) Unless you've tried to commit some heinous act towards your fellow Valka Fae, you would always be welcome at our spire - as it will always be your home. We recognize our own, and always accept them."

Q) "This question is a sensitive question... No one here likes fairy hunters, I like Mina hate them for more reasons them just one... But I have to ask... If an individual was in a remote camp or village in the jungle and was a person who had "fairy hunter training" but was not hunting fairy's , just protecting same camp or village and not doing something like a normal fairy hunter would do like, capturing and selling them. Would you put him in the same category as a fairy hunter?"

A) fairy hunter is a fairy hunter, unless they are stationary and as you say, protecting a village and hunting fairies are two completely different things. We can respect the fact that you have to train to fight what you seek to defend against. Fairy hunters obviously are well equipped to deal with fairies, so if one hopes to fight them off - they should be trained in the art of doing so.

Q) "Knowing that you all protect your spire and the rest of the fairy kingdom I have to now, since there is a allot of human bases, the Deluran base, Negav and other threats nearby, why don't you attack? Or are you all in terms of defence?" 

A) We would only seek to preemptively wipe them out if we knew beyond a doubt an attack was imminent. While we may be a war-faring race, we don't aggressively seek to make enemies of everyone around our spire - as that would only invite unwanted trouble for ourselves and our counterparts. It's just poor taste and bad strategy."

Q) "Are merchants aloud in the spire and in the rest of the Fairy kingdom, do you trade weapons and armour?"

A) The Gadgix do maintain some of their contacts and contracts. Gladius and his ilk do trade as well, for raw materials and exotic plans. Since our spire is inter-dimensional, most of our trading is done off world - any typically on the world where alot of our trials take place."

Q) "What is your honest opinion in Jade work defending Safe Harbour?"

A) It's extremely noble. I can't think of a single Valka Fae who would disagree. They may disagree about the ethics of eating or abstaining from the residents - but having a cause and fighting for it earns respect from all of us.

Q) "This is an hypothetical question, lets say that an enemy like Orks or Tyranids , if you now what they are, invades the Fairy Kingdom, an enemy it numbers it out an end , what would you all do to proctec your homes? And would you call help from others if need?"

A) Simple - we wipe them out with extreme prejudice - like any civilization would. We are a race of proud warriors, and will gladly fight to the death to protect our homes. Our chieftains are extremely powerful, such that a battle of numbers would be nothing more than meat into the grinder. Our rank and file, are also powerful in their own rights.

Mahrkos stands up briefly stretching. 

"Thank everyone for their time and questions, I'm pretty sure the chieftains had fun with several of these. I must take my leave now, before my chieftain has one of her crazy inventions blow up in her face." He says, after giving a respectful bow.

Ask a Chieftain
First of all, I want to apologize for the horrible wait behind this. I've gotten terrible with procrastinating - ontop of my work and raid schedule.

Second I would like to thank all who participated: :iconwarnob123: , :iconasuroth: . :iconprinnydood-abides: , :icongreyman101: , and :icongraphicspark84:

I tried to answer all the questions that i would make sense for the chieftains to actually address - as a result, somethings may have been left out unfortunately :[

Otherwise, this is your basic Q&A, maybe with a slightly different format, but you get the idea.

You all know who your oc's belong to so there! felarya belongs to :iconkarbo: - without which, none of this would be possible.
So, an update on the Valka Fae AMA, I have been working on it - but i've been sick lately - and things just keep popping up. I'm basically done, save for answering a few of the "genera;l" questions - addressed to ALL of the chieftains. I'm also still story boarding my reboot's intro chapter - since i've opted to take sort of a fan service route with it. You guys are the best, and I apologize 1000 times for the waits. I'm so bad at this game lol.
Sorry for the delay on "Ask a Chieftain"! I've been extremely busy as of late, but i've been trying to prepare decent answers for all the questions. Soon as I can actually sit down and write, I plan to have it up.

Also have to finish the bio on Celestasia, Sasha and Tasha, as well as start on the prologue of my reboot. Of course, all when i can sit down and actually work -.-
To everyone who participated in the Ask a chieftain entry - I plan to work on that this week.

To anyone else who might be interested, I will still take more questions while i'm working on this - and will even try to keep the finished one updated somewhat. The way I plan on setting it up should Make that pretty easy to do.
Yea, I'm bringing this back ( because it's alot more fun than just simple bio). I plan on leaving this up until next Sunday - and you can either note me, or just comment here with your question(s) for any chieftains you want. You can ask all of them the same question, each of them different questions, one of them several questions, or a few of them several questions. Whever i feel I have enough questions, I will go ahead and submit something to answer them as done with previous entries like this.

EDIT:Gonna leave it up abit longer- I've already got mental answers to all the questions so far, just gonna see if I can get a few more

the chieftains are:

Sifa- chieftain of the Heilung clan. They are the healers, and least violent

Sifa herself is a gentle and wise soul. Her clan is one of the most well organized and proper clans of the Valka court. They stay busy tending to the wounds of the fairies around the spire, who quite often get too rough with one another in duels and training. Sifa herself spends a lot of time near Natalie's clan, as they tend to have the worst injuries; though she often takes some of her subordinates to use those occasions to train them in more advanced techniques

Adreesa- chieftain of the Zar'oisha. Essentially this clan battles with the elements.

Adreesa is the walking embodiment of the chaotic forces which she commands. As the head of this clan she's able to command all of the elements around her with ease, and frequently displays this through simple acts - sometimes just for entertainment. While she can be extremely random and sporadic, she generally tries to maintain a calm and composed appearance. She is in charge of all the building and remodeling done around the spire, as well as repairs and other things when not fighting - though it's generally the underlings that do the jobs.

Theren- chieftain of the Shale'iym. The guardians and enforcers of the Valka Fae, who remain nearly invisible to most.

Theren tends to be a private and thoughtful individual, and as such is really only seen in public affairs, trials, or When in audience with Cryu'Azun himself. Since it's his clan that sees to the enforcement of the laws and other such things, he's usually the judge whenever such a need arises. Being extremely level headed and fair is one of things he's well known for, so his opinion on matters is generally well received.

Desz- chieftain of the Gadgix clan. This clan specializes in blending magic and technology into a variety of things - from weapons to conveniences.

Desz is extremely level headed, and tactical with the way she approaches things. Having spent a years off world leading a small "black ops" unit for a small country, has given a profound respect for humans and proper training of subordinates. As such the quality and designs of her clans work has dramatically increased. Desz takes more of a military approach when it comes to planning and discipline. She is a close and dear friend to Natalie, and despite herself can usually be found hanging around with her.

Gladius- chieftain of the Rhaz'nir. This clan specializes in bladed weapon smithing, both magical and non.

Bold, loyal, and determined describe Gladius. He can almost always be found at the forge, or with hammer in hand - as with most of the fairies in this clan. He loves a challenge as much as hearing the exploits of another who had been out and in battle. He tends to be very patient and meticulous, and guides the members of his clan by using every mistake as a teachable moment.While the weapons crafted by this clan are superb in quality, it is said that Gladius' work is even capable of standing up to Natalie.

Natalie- chieftain of the Hantakira. If the Shale'iym are the dagger, veil, and shield of the Valka Fae, then this clan would be the great axe/claymore/artillery canon.

Natalie is an unstable beast when put beside any of the other clan leaders. She is perhaps the easiest to get into a frenzy, however she maintains the illusion of being an adorable, harmless, and playful fairy. Typically most get an uneasy feeling around her - even Cryu'Azun himself treats her like she's nitroglycerine. Where most of the fairies are intensely loyal to the cause of protecting and maintaining the spire and protecting the Fairy kingdom, Natalie couldn't care less about that, she just views her position as the best chance to eat strong opponents. She is the ONLY Valka Fae known to engage in cannibalism.

Cryu'Azun, grand chieftain of all the Valka Fae clans as well as the Azun'hazal. This clan spcializes in maintaining vast amounts of Felaryan lore ( mostly fairy ) while seeking out all other types.

Powerful, Knowledgeable, and confident are all great words to describe Cryu'Azun. He is the director over the lore and history of the race, as well as any outside data that comes in. The oldest of the clan leaders, he prides himself in being able to remember anything he's ever read or studied at a moments notice, and is quick to prove it should one wish to test his wits. Disorganizing the library or leaving anything out of place is a surefire way to earn his wrath.

He also governs the other clans and their chieftains, being that he is the strongest and wisest of all the Valka Fae. Even Natalie respects him in this regard, and will "mostly" do as he asks. He doesn't rule over them so much as guide them - as he believes each chieftain to be more than capable of governing and maintaining order.

ha! There's a new clan here. I had to replace the void since I made Cryu'Azun the Grand chieftain.

thanks again to :iconblazbaros: , :iconasuroth: , :iconhana-keijou: , and :iconfrenchsnack: for helping me flesh out chieftains way back when. Good luck guessing who did what.. Muhahahaha.

anyway, let's see what people, or their ocs want to know.

Will repost every so often to remind people.


David Fitzgerald
United States
So, an update on the Valka Fae AMA, I have been working on it - but i've been sick lately - and things just keep popping up. I'm basically done, save for answering a few of the "genera;l" questions - addressed to ALL of the chieftains. I'm also still story boarding my reboot's intro chapter - since i've opted to take sort of a fan service route with it. You guys are the best, and I apologize 1000 times for the waits. I'm so bad at this game lol.

What type of area should The Mesh be? 

9 deviants said A death zone (for males anyway)
7 deviants said A way station between destinations (mostly safe)
6 deviants said Neutral (people only disappear sometimes...)
4 deviants said A utopia that's obscenely hard to find
3 deviants said A total safe haven
3 deviants said Other - you suggest something


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