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Since i'm not exactly the best artist here, I'm going to write this from a writer's perspective, along with how it appeals to me: I thi...


Sorry for the delay on "Ask a Chieftain"! I've been extremely busy as of late, but i've been trying to prepare decent answers for all the questions. Soon as I can actually sit down and write, I plan to have it up.

Also have to finish the bio on Celestasia, Sasha and Tasha, as well as start on the prologue of my reboot. Of course, all when i can sit down and actually work -.-
To everyone who participated in the Ask a chieftain entry - I plan to work on that this week.

To anyone else who might be interested, I will still take more questions while i'm working on this - and will even try to keep the finished one updated somewhat. The way I plan on setting it up should Make that pretty easy to do.
Yea, I'm bringing this back ( because it's alot more fun than just simple bio). I plan on leaving this up until next Sunday - and you can either note me, or just comment here with your question(s) for any chieftains you want. You can ask all of them the same question, each of them different questions, one of them several questions, or a few of them several questions. Whever i feel I have enough questions, I will go ahead and submit something to answer them as done with previous entries like this.

EDIT:Gonna leave it up abit longer- I've already got mental answers to all the questions so far, just gonna see if I can get a few more

the chieftains are:

Sifa- chieftain of the Heilung clan. They are the healers, and least violent

Sifa herself is a gentle and wise soul. Her clan is one of the most well organized and proper clans of the Valka court. They stay busy tending to the wounds of the fairies around the spire, who quite often get too rough with one another in duels and training. Sifa herself spends a lot of time near Natalie's clan, as they tend to have the worst injuries; though she often takes some of her subordinates to use those occasions to train them in more advanced techniques

Adreesa- chieftain of the Zar'oisha. Essentially this clan battles with the elements.

Adreesa is the walking embodiment of the chaotic forces which she commands. As the head of this clan she's able to command all of the elements around her with ease, and frequently displays this through simple acts - sometimes just for entertainment. While she can be extremely random and sporadic, she generally tries to maintain a calm and composed appearance. She is in charge of all the building and remodeling done around the spire, as well as repairs and other things when not fighting - though it's generally the underlings that do the jobs.

Theren- chieftain of the Shale'iym. The guardians and enforcers of the Valka Fae, who remain nearly invisible to most.

Theren tends to be a private and thoughtful individual, and as such is really only seen in public affairs, trials, or When in audience with Cryu'Azun himself. Since it's his clan that sees to the enforcement of the laws and other such things, he's usually the judge whenever such a need arises. Being extremely level headed and fair is one of things he's well known for, so his opinion on matters is generally well received.

Desz- chieftain of the Gadgix clan. This clan specializes in blending magic and technology into a variety of things - from weapons to conveniences.

Desz is extremely level headed, and tactical with the way she approaches things. Having spent a years off world leading a small "black ops" unit for a small country, has given a profound respect for humans and proper training of subordinates. As such the quality and designs of her clans work has dramatically increased. Desz takes more of a military approach when it comes to planning and discipline. She is a close and dear friend to Natalie, and despite herself can usually be found hanging around with her.

Gladius- chieftain of the Rhaz'nir. This clan specializes in bladed weapon smithing, both magical and non.

Bold, loyal, and determined describe Gladius. He can almost always be found at the forge, or with hammer in hand - as with most of the fairies in this clan. He loves a challenge as much as hearing the exploits of another who had been out and in battle. He tends to be very patient and meticulous, and guides the members of his clan by using every mistake as a teachable moment.While the weapons crafted by this clan are superb in quality, it is said that Gladius' work is even capable of standing up to Natalie.

Natalie- chieftain of the Hantakira. If the Shale'iym are the dagger, veil, and shield of the Valka Fae, then this clan would be the great axe/claymore/artillery canon.

Natalie is an unstable beast when put beside any of the other clan leaders. She is perhaps the easiest to get into a frenzy, however she maintains the illusion of being an adorable, harmless, and playful fairy. Typically most get an uneasy feeling around her - even Cryu'Azun himself treats her like she's nitroglycerine. Where most of the fairies are intensely loyal to the cause of protecting and maintaining the spire and protecting the Fairy kingdom, Natalie couldn't care less about that, she just views her position as the best chance to eat strong opponents. She is the ONLY Valka Fae known to engage in cannibalism.

Cryu'Azun, grand chieftain of all the Valka Fae clans as well as the Azun'hazal. This clan spcializes in maintaining vast amounts of Felaryan lore ( mostly fairy ) while seeking out all other types.

Powerful, Knowledgeable, and confident are all great words to describe Cryu'Azun. He is the director over the lore and history of the race, as well as any outside data that comes in. The oldest of the clan leaders, he prides himself in being able to remember anything he's ever read or studied at a moments notice, and is quick to prove it should one wish to test his wits. Disorganizing the library or leaving anything out of place is a surefire way to earn his wrath.

He also governs the other clans and their chieftains, being that he is the strongest and wisest of all the Valka Fae. Even Natalie respects him in this regard, and will "mostly" do as he asks. He doesn't rule over them so much as guide them - as he believes each chieftain to be more than capable of governing and maintaining order.

ha! There's a new clan here. I had to replace the void since I made Cryu'Azun the Grand chieftain.

thanks again to :iconblazbaros: , :iconasuroth: , :iconhana-keijou: , and :iconfrenchsnack: for helping me flesh out chieftains way back when. Good luck guessing who did what.. Muhahahaha.

anyway, let's see what people, or their ocs want to know.

Will repost every so often to remind people.
Noxcia “It’s hard to make friends when everyone runs away from you screaming DRIDDER!”


Atleast 1000 human years


Noxcia carries the appearance of a beautiful elven woman for her human portion. She has long graceful ears (each with several earrings), long silky dark brown hair. She also has 8 eyes in total. 2 "human eyes", a slightly smaller pair of purely green eyes, and 4 more gem-like eyes in her forehead. She has a remarkable tanned (she retained this from her days of being a normal person) skin, which meshes her spider half and it’s patterns perfectly. She’s also pretty well endowed for an Xenonan  woman (It's pretty easy to see where Malika gets it from). Noxcia also retains more of her "human" state, in that she appears to have hips and thighs - until her entire body is visible. Her legs form what is essentially massive set of pedipalps which she can use for a variety of things. She wears a top and skirt crafted by Sifa (chieftain of the Valka Fae's Heilung clan) after an encounter with her early on after arriving on Felarya where the two fought for the better part of a day.

She’s combined with a Goliath tarantula and a Xenonan species of spider called a Venomblade , which is part of the reason for her immense size. When she was “normal” on her planet she would have been about 90 ft of woman. After the incident which left her as she is now, when she stands all the way up, she is a whopping 150 ft from head to toe(s)-about half of this is her human-like portion. Her spider half is a dark charcoal with a massive skull pattern in the abdomen - which has a row up upward facing spines around each side, 8 tree trunk like legs that are spiked at the upper joints, with the same charcoal that colors the markings on her body. The hair on her legs, while barbed and extremely jagged, flows extremely smooth down to each of her feet. The hair around her feet pans out hiding them somewhat like the hair around the hooves of a Clydesdale horse.

Due to the nature of her being, Noxcia is different from most of the 8-legged vixens that tend to hunt in the jungles.

Behavior Patterns

Noxcia tends to be very friendly upon meeting anyone new. She’ll go through great lengths to prove that she’s not like the creatures of Felarya she so closely resembles. She is not all that aggressive - anymore, and whenever possible she would rather settle differences peacefully. When forced to violence, she’s is a very powerful and brutal opponent; yet she still feels remorse when things are over. Noxcia also tends to be very curious and open minded, and she enjoys learning new things from the new people. She was a scientist on her home world so she is naturally intelligent, well spoken, and very observant.

However, like her daughter she carries a wild side deep within, though it tends to manifest itself much differently than Malika's. As previously mentioned, Noxcia is a very controlled and collected individual, the only exception being when she's about to fight for one reason or another. It's these moments where the aggressive tendencies of the mighty goliath and venomblade tend to come out. She may be prone to being much more brutal, and fierce in a fight than she normally would be, and while it's not normally a problem - it did get her into trouble quite often when she first came to Felarya. More often than not she ended up healing grievous wounds of those unfortunate enough to get in her way when she was not in her proper mind. These days it's almost totally under control thanks to the help of one of the Valka Fae chieftains, who helped her to come to terms with her new powers.

Brief Background

Noxcia is not from Felarya, but rather she comes from a planet not to unlike earth-Xenona. The only difference being that the people there were all giants (Hence her inhibitions with eating intelligent life like most predators around her). Once a renown Toxicologist and Pathologist for a non profit organization, which sought to find a way to make their people immune to naturally occurring disease and poisons, as well as future artificial ones.  Things were going well until the research turned up missing and the projects were suddenly scrapped. Though told by her superiors to just let it go, she didn’t; which eventually led to her finding out the truth and paying dearly for it. She ended up captured by the then corrupt government, who’d planned to use the research as part of a project to develop super soldiers and bio-weapons that could be used in battles to crush their enemies. They began to test on her and several others, even children. They were also testing the added potential of splicing their DNA with animals as well, to further increase their killing potential. Only the biggest and baddest of each animal class were used; things like the anaconda, megaladon, goliath spider, komodo dragon. Some were even crossbred with their fierce Xenonan counterparts. During this time she formed a bond with several of the children, comforting them when they cried.

It was also shortly before this, that she'd had her daughter - Malika. Unfortunately, Malika proved to be an even better mach for the heinous project than her mother, and was promptly taken to be experimented on - much to Noxcia's dismay. Eventually the project was scraped, and all the unfortunate test subjects were tossed like garbage through a dimensional vortex where they would thrive, wreak havoc, or die on whatever world they ended up. This was done quite begrudgingly as all of the completed specimens were exceedingly successful in their own rights. While there were no real combat flaws in any of the subjects - aside from the particular brand of radiation that wreaks havoc on Xenonans, each one did have a few inherent flaws spliced into them which ended up as odd quirks in most cases. To this day, Noxcia searches for her beloved baby girl - though it's highly likely Malika would get the spanking of her life when her mother finds out what she's been doing...

Eating/Hunting Habits

Simply put, she will not eat anything intelligent enough to have a conversation with. She will however make exceptions to this rule when dealing with someone who is truly evil and she happens to be hungry at the same time. Normally she dines on the local wildlife and any alien creature small enough to be swallowed. As a scientist, she studied a lot on poison and nuerotoxins, and she’s also in control of her own toxins to the point where she can inject it in different degrees when necessary. She’s also not in favor of painful deaths usually, no matter how deserving the recipient may be, so she only injects the portion of her venom which paralyzes and numbs. She either kills her food first with a quick blow, or she’ll numb it entirely before swallowing it alive. Her body while massive in size, is very efficient, so she doesn’t seem to need to eat much to survive comfortably. There are very rare occasions where she does liquefy her prey’s insides-but once again only if it something of an evil nature.


Noxcia loves to study the environment around her and learn new things. She also loves telling stories of her home world, as well as listening to other peoples stories. She also loves going to the beach whenever she can find one that she can do some peaceful tanning.  Another thing she enjoys is exploring, hence why she leads somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle.


Evil people, or anyone corrupt and greedy. She also despises those who torture others or play around with peoples lives. She hates being associated with dridders as well, preferring to to be called a Xenonan. She also hates to cause pain, or to see others in it. Being called “four eyes” is a another way to put yourself on her hate list(she used to wear glasses when she was normal so it really hits home now that she actually has more than 4 eyes)

Special Abilities of Note

Most importantly of all, is her brain itself. Xenonans are hyper intelligent beings by default, though like humans they only use a portion of their brains for most things.Considering the fact that their brains carry roughly 5+ times the processing power, even at that level of use it made them the most ideal candidates to be for the experiments. Part of this transformation removed natural inhibitors - because the scientists felt like the more of the brain might be needed to process all the new information and functions of their new bodies. The result varies from person to person, but in Noxcia's case - it has allowed her to far exceed the original design specs of her new form, offensively, medically, and defensively.

What this means is that most Xenonans have the ability to process more information in shorter times, which allows for much faster decision making. I allows them to take in data, however it present;s itself, and learn things at a highly accelerated rate. Their data retention is also at a much higher level, though this is typically something that is cemented at a higher age. 

One of her most remarkable abilities, is her control over her toxins. She has the ability to regulate exactly how potent and injection is and what it does; from numb to death when weaponized, or cellular reconstruction and repair when used to help. She lacks the ability to use her spinnerets for much of anything in the conventional sense-which is odd for her species. She’s also totally immune to poisons and disease, and as such carries the remedy for most within her own blood. She is extremely proficient with healing magic, and her prowess with such spells is a sight to behold. Combining magic with various forms of bio-mixology, she's able to do amazing things when called upon to help someone.

Her vision is multiplicatively better than even the most keen sighted predators, and allows her to see distances and details most her size would find near impossible. She also ability to sense things around her using vibrations in the air - due to the many hairs covering her spider body. This gives her an extraordinary sense of spacial awareness

The hairs that adorn her 8 powerful legs are also powerful projectiles when needed, and can be envenomed, or "enchanted" in much the same way her bite is - such that she can effectively tranquilize, heal, or even kill undetected at range.

She also has the ability to weaponize, and fire any of the numerous spikes on her body - like small missiles. Using a combination of her magic (to mark targets, and provide thrust for the spines), the immense processing power of her brain, and some of her extra eyes - she's able to home in on, and strike precisely at whatever it is she's aiming at. Just like with hairs that cover her body, she's capable of using her knowledge of poisons, cures, and other naturally occurring chemicals to produce a wide variety of "warheads". Anything ranging from a warhead that explodes into a mist of healing enzymes, to a flachette round that disperses many needles filled with a numbing/toxic agent in the general area of her target. Generally speaking she wont use any of her body's abilities to hurt or kill, because she prefers to help those in need or who are injured in stead (which ironically was what her body was designed to do - no one ever counted on her being disposed of and free to use her mind to come up with alternative methods of defense)

The chitinous vambraces that cover her forearms, the backs of her hands, and fingers also contain many small holes and groves from which she can generate and fire the same hairs/needles that cover her spider half. This is also where her other 2 spinnerets (one on each arm) are located. While she doesn't spin webs, she can use her needles in tandem with the webbing for some rather interesting results.

Since Xenonans often fought along side humans, her body was partially designed to act as a mobile support for the infantry and special forces. As such, her last couple of abilities are tailored 

Her ICU technique is also more than a little unsettling to most. In more extreme cases, she can swallow human sized patients - and use her upper stomach as a healing chamber - since the food that she eats is actually digested within her spi. She tries to avoid doing this at all costs - not wanting to be seen as a predator, and because it means having to throw them back up as well. Along these same lines, she's also capable of producing hollow spines which can be filled with the same regenerative liquid. She can carry several wounded this way - healing safely within her abdomen until the spines are pulled out. 

Despite being a biological weapons platform - or a walking infirmary, Noxcia prefers to keep to herself and study things around her. She's very friendly when approached, and always eager to help. If she does have to fight, she'll start with her bare hands and seek to end things without having to resort to using the rest of her body.


1. One of the lesser known quirks that was spliced into Noxcia, is a severe reaction to caffeine and similar substances. In the case of Caffeine, it makes her drunk - and it doesn't even take a large quantity to do so. This is particularly tragic as she used to start every day off with the Xenonan equivalent. Alcohol, causes her to become extremely sluggish and un alert - to the point of falling asleep standing up. There are many other side effects that similair substances could have on her - usually varying wildly from what the intended affect is.
2. Noxcia's body can become waterlogged quite easily due to the large number of hairs covering her body. As a result of this she tends to avoid rain, and large bodies of water whenever possible.
3. Most of Noxcia's biological toolkit, takes a heavy toll on her when used in excess. For example, it takes a lot of energy to hastily regrow spines, or needles that have been discharged in combat. and alot of magical energy to sustain the spell casting that she weaves when attacking.
4. In addition to having a somewhat long reload time - when precision is required, or magical energy is low, Noxcia's spines can't be re-purposed until the spine in that position has been expelled. In otherwords, if she'd dedicated a spine to being a warhead, she can't suddenly us it for healing.
5. If she's tending to the injured, then the brunt of her ability to counter attack is removed, because she won't do anything to jeopardize her patients
6. Beneath her calm exterior, there is still a fine line between her and a raging ball of spikes and venom. She may be in better control of it, but there are still triggers that could bring it out - which is part of why she tends to avoid conflict. 
7. Due to her large and awkward stature (width + length) her movements become much more difficult in dense areas of jungle. She requires alot of space to move freely.
Noxcia ( Nok-Sha ) Analysis 2.0
So, Noxcia has undergone a pretty signifigant redesign  - in terms of appearance and some of her Abilities. She's one of my favorite OC's, and I know alot of other people seem to like her as well, whether it's because she's a "safe" person, or because of her personality and desire to fight for the weak.

I had to go through the old Bio and fix a few things. Most of the changes I had, involved her appearance - and I put abit more information in about what contributes to this.

I feel like i covered everything - but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Tell me what you think :)

Noxcia - mines

Felarya :iconkarbo:

Artwork :iconblazbaros: - please go to his gallery and support him. PLease direct any comments about the artwork itself to his gallery - you can also find a larger image there!


1. Thanks to :iconshady-knight: for the idea regarding caffeine and other such substances
2. added some flaws/quirks
3. corrected eye colors, removed some redundancy, and added specificity in places - such as profession
First of all, THANK YOU all for the well wishes on my birthday. That really meant a lot to me.

Second, the gpu on my primary computer went dead last night :( - hell of a way to end a birthday right? 

I plan lane on buying a new computer next week while sending the other off to get fixed, the net result being my super laptop back, and a nice upgradable platform at the house for when I'm home.

looks like I have a bunch of free time.. I got a lot of RPGs maker games on my back up laptop so, gg 16-bit fun.

i also plan to look into buying the program. I'd love to learn how to make a game at some point. Maybe a couple weeks away from all the MMos I play will lead to something cool.. 


David Fitzgerald
United States
Sorry for the delay on "Ask a Chieftain"! I've been extremely busy as of late, but i've been trying to prepare decent answers for all the questions. Soon as I can actually sit down and write, I plan to have it up.

Also have to finish the bio on Celestasia, Sasha and Tasha, as well as start on the prologue of my reboot. Of course, all when i can sit down and actually work -.-

What type of area should The Mesh be? 

9 deviants said A death zone (for males anyway)
7 deviants said A way station between destinations (mostly safe)
6 deviants said Neutral (people only disappear sometimes...)
4 deviants said A utopia that's obscenely hard to find
3 deviants said A total safe haven
3 deviants said Other - you suggest something


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