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July 29, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Malika’s Bio – Updated.

Age: at least 100 human years
Sex: A lot – seriously, if you don’t know she’s female by now…
Height: 137ft
Length: 959ft (top of her head, to the tip of her tail)
Skin color: Mocha
Top Scale color: Charcoal
Belly Scale color: golden
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Bright Luminescent Green
Other characteristics: long hair, skull-like patterns along her top scales, extremely well endowed.

Behavior patterns

A bit erratic at times, but fairly predictable. Malika seems to adore a hedonistic lifestyle, her favorite things to do being to eat, sleep, and have sex. The only erratic thing about her behavior is the order her three favorite things to do come in. Personality wise it should be noted that she’s full of it. Malika, tends to be abit lustful and lecherous alot of times, often completely ignoring the concept of personal space, but She is very loyal to her friends, and very protective. She is a very caring person, often going through great lengths to keep those around her in high spirits - even if it means a laugh at her expense. She exudes a pleasant aura pretty much all of the time, and to catch anything other than a grin-whether it be a satisfied one, or a satiated one- on her face is a rare occasion.

Malika is also a great friend, and lover, of Vivian and the two naughty nagas definitely have many things in common. They often get into wicked sexual competitions to see who will have the kinkiest idea, and their creativity in this domain can be quite amazing at times. Malika can't use any magic though, and is much more voracious as well.

Despite how she seems on the surface, she’s got a full range of emotions and behaviors often going from big sis, to chilling and fierce when one of her friends is threatened. Malika’s “role model” as it were appears to be Vivian. Though she lacks the magical capabilities to lure her prey in, she did learn most of what she knows about the art of seduction from her, and she’s very good at what she does.

Many people also find her gaze unsettling for its intensity. The fact is, whenever Malika looks at you, she’s hunting you on some level or another – though in many cases it’s subconsciously. This is perhaps due to the nature of her being, as there is a fearsome predator that resides deep within her, and there is a constant struggle on her end to keep it under wraps. Whenever she starts to slip, or lose this battle, she’ll often strike out on her own for a few days to let it run its course before returning to her friends.

Brief back ground.

Malika hails from a planet called Xenona, a planet of giant highly advanced elves. As a child both she and her mother Noxcia (Nok-sha) were genetically spliced with dangerous animals as part of a top secret experiment. Fearing public outrage, as well as other terrible consequences, the project was scrapped suddenly and the unfortunate test subjects were hurled through a dimensional vortex whereby the evidence could be hidden and the truth would never come out. It is unknown how long Malika and the others were stuck in limbo between dimensions, before finally ending up on Felarya.

Malika’s newfound survival instincts are what kept her from meeting a gruesome death early on, and soon enough she finally began growing into a towering mass of predator. During her travels, she happened across a waterfall, where she heard a beautiful voice singing. Curious, and quite skinny, she happened upon the sorceress Vivian, while she was bathing and luring in an early meal. Still unsure of herself, and somewhat smaller than the naga which she had taken a strong admiration to, Malika did her best to stay hidden – or flee until one faithful day, where Vivian decided it was time to catch her by surprise.

Seeing that Malika clearly wasn’t eating as much as she should, and a terrible huntress despite her instincts, she took her in for a while, teaching her many different ways to lure food in the absence of magic. There were many things about the newcomer that interested her – such as her near complete immunity to magic ( even the healing properties of the soil  ), her strange way of speaking (something she picked up from a group of humans), and the other senses that she seemed to have full use of (Malika can see in full infrared, and her ears are much better than the average person her size, She’s also capable of sniffing people out with her tongue), in place of the extra senses that most Felaryan predators have.

Eventually she grew up and out, to a point where she didn’t want to be a burden on the sorceress – despite the fact that paying “rent” was an exercise she rather enjoyed. Shortly thereafter, Malika moved out into the jungles nearby, where she’d eventually be captured by a group of humans. This would lead to that faithful day, where she met her soon to be life-long friend Relina for the first time…

Eating/Hunting habits

To put it simply, Malika is ravenously “you” eating, unless you are a naga of any size or one of her friends. There’s not many things you can find that she hasn’t swallowed or wont swallow, and trying to will likely be an exercise in futility. Obviously she doesn’t eat anything she can’t swallow, but don’t let the size of her mouth fool you – she is fully capable of eating anyone that stands 75% or less of her height. There’s a certain grey area there as to what she will and won’t eat (generally speaking if you stand over 100ft tall you’re safe), but her ability to devour large prey whole has not atrophied. This is perhaps one of her most closely guarded secrets, as many of her friends are giantesses. It should also be noted that her larger stomach works much faster than her regular stomach – this is most likely because it was meant to be an execution chamber of sorts.

When it comes to catching prey, Malika can be quite playful. Ambushes of many sorts are often used, as she does enjoy the chase as much as the meal. Generally speaking though, she will usually use her massive form to make a small clearing if she can’t find one. She then coils up and blocks off the immediate area, leaving small spaces for clueless prey to wander inside. After the trap has been set, she’ll announce herself and feast at her leisure, since there’s no real conventional method of escape for smaller prey at that point.

Despite her enormous appetite, Malika lets a fair amount of people go, providing they peek her interests or amuse her in some way. Catching her in the mood, is a very successful way to live (or getting her into it if she’s not). She also doesn’t eat things she finds to be adorable, or very beautiful (such as exotically colored mermaids, or other creatures).


Sex, Eating, Sleeping, More sex-you see a pattern yet? She also enjoys visiting her friends around Felarya, such as Anko, Vivian, and Crisis. Relina is also her best friend and companion as mentioned before. Malika loves watching her friend duel the travelers on Felarya, and she enjoys adding everything from comedy to humility to each instance. She isn’t above taunting the fairies prey in the midst of battle, nor their unlucky friends. Though Relina does prefer males-and she lets this be known whenever possible, Malika’s always out to give her friend a sexual buzz, thinking her to be a bit to tense at times.
Vivian, Vivian, Vivian. Malika couldn’t keep herself from those falls if her life depended on it!


Simply put, anyone or anything that would threaten her friends in anyway is automatically something that makes this list. She can't stand needlessly violent or aggressive people nor and those who are outright selfish, cruel, or abusive towards other people or animals.

She also doesn't like to laze around for too long before she has to do something. Leaving her idle is almost a sure fire way to get her into some form of trouble. She's even been known to go hunt for fun, only to let her catch go or even take them to Jade.

Special abilities of note
Malika is capable of injecting a venom (similiar to the sap that Vivan is so fond of using to enhance sexual experiences) via her tiny fangs. The substance is none lethal, and leaves prey hypersensitive and dazed-which is when the real fun begins... She only generates this substance when her hormones are raging, or her body is in desperate need of relief.

Her body is more or less immune to magic outwardly, but as Vivian discovered via her own research, Malika’s body actually absorbs most of it while dispersing the rest. The side effect of this varies, according to whose casting a spell around her. Powerful casters, such as Vivian, strong mages, and most fairies will experience no effects near her. Weaker casters or injured fairies may experience strong interference or their spell not going off at all. This effect is strongest within her coils and the area near her also affects smaller creatures more so than larger ones, due to to just how much bigger her body is in comparison to them (For example, Crisis will often take Malika on hunts even when she's half asleep, and get her to coil up into one of her traps. She'll then chase her prey until they've ended up surrounded by Malika's body, where your average spell caster will have more difficulty getting spells off if at all, while stronger casters would simply lose precious key seconds that they had to cast before she could catch them.). It also makes her easy to find for those who know what to look for – there will be a massive area of “nothingness” nearby.

She has hidden runes all over her torso, and a few that can be seen in her eyes, by humans and other small creatures that can get that close. The effects of these runes remains a total mystery, but it’s entirely possible that they may hold the key to her strange interactions with magic and other abnormalities with her behavior.
So I decided it's about time i updated Malika's Bio. The one on the wiki is almost 6 years old :) (if memory serves correctly) and there have been many updates and changes since then! i tried to explain abit more about her, and her past - as well as some of her behaviors. As far as her height is concerned, i went back and did some thinking. I originally wanted her to be more imposing than most of the cannon oc's by mere size - let alone all of the other things. It's also a fact, that she's STILL growing. This shouldn't affect anything anyone has already done, and since most people dont actually write out measurements, it's not like sweeping story changes will need to be made :)

If you have any questions, or reasonable concerns about anything written here, then please let me know! I am trying to refine her in some ways, in preperation for the changes to my main story... which one year i'll get back to writing lol.

:iconkarbo: 's oc's mentioned all belong to him of course - as well as felarya itself!
Malika and Relina of course belong to me :D
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Graphicspark84 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Well, these are quite intriguing to learn about Malika. I've been wanting to know more of her and the magic absorbing power is upmostly the part I find fond of. 
turboman500 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
It ain't just limited to magic lol, as a group of researchers will find out the hard way
Graphicspark84 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
*Will need to read a couple of your stories at a point in free time not including BF4.*

Researchers finding out the hard way? Does it include the absorption of acids, laser projectiles, explosives?
turboman500 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
I have written current in awhile - but Malika can absorb energy... Radiation, things like that. Her body evolves to make use of whatever she absorbs
Graphicspark84 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
So a bolt of plasma will most likely inflict upon impact rather than be absorbed, while acid can be debated on which would be harmful or harmless...Xenomorph blood is a bitch sometimes...

Now back to absorbing magic, if for example she absorbs something similar to dark and demented magic, how will that effect her? 
hgfggg Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
959 feet? that's incredibly long... 292 metres! For comparision, the ISS is 108 metres long. Yeah. So any space vehicle that someone decides to land on Felarya, they'd better hope they don't land on her. It might be hard to tell!
turboman500 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
She's meant to be huge though, much the same as an anaconda is to regular snakes and people. Though she's closer to movie size proportionately speaking. Most nagas in the setting are 1/3 tall as they are long, Malika is 1/6 I believe because her snake half is very long, and it makes more sense considering her diet
hgfggg Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Yeps. Also, even that height is fairly tall(no surprise there!): The entire space shuttle vehicle at launch is 184 feet long, while its orbiter after separation of everything else is 122 feet.
turboman500 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Jarl-of-the-North Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
A surprisingly interesting character. I'll admit, when I first read a bit about Malika, she didn't seem like much aside from comic relief. But this cleared up a lot for me, and now I see that there's a lot of potential for her. Therefore, I really hope you finish your NAGA story. Please... don't abandon it.

Also, this makes me wonder how well she'd get along with one of my own characters...
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