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January 8, 2013
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Some things about Malika you probably didn't know... 11 and counting

1. Anything within 75% of her standing height is ptential food. HA! N A G A is somewhat cannon to her afterall. Malika really is capable of distending her jaw, and swallowing prey around 100ft tall.

What does this mean: In the grand scheme of things, not much - but it is one of the things that contributes to the unease people feel around her - because she IS a potential predator, though no one close to her knows of this...

She does succumb to her other side every so often, and she does prey on larger beings - but it's not blindly - nor is it ever done in a manner where one of her friends/acquaintences would find out. Most of the time she eats something non-intelligent or non-humanoid.  A rumor has circulated amonst some of the harpies though, about the daners of swooping too close to certain trees...

2. Her speed... That's right, she moves ludicrously fast for a predator of her size. Many a victim has perished for underestimating her ability to cover alot of ground very quickly. She accomplishes this by adjusting how she slithers after whatever it is she's chasing. Never necessary for smaller preY - larger prey is something entirely different...

3. Malika is a serial rapist... no... she's not... get over it. for one, ooc i've got permissions for any such events that occur... IC, well it works like running from an animal that can sense fear. Ever wonder why Malika doesnt have that kind of relationship with many of the people she's friends with? Her sense of smell tells her whether she's messing with a dry well - or if just abit more "persuiasion" will get her what she wants.

4. Her size- Malika is still growing... and probably will not stop for another 25 - 50 feet vertically, and probably 125-250 more in length... or... it might just keep going, who knows...

5. The most intimidating thing about meeting Malika for the first time is her eyes.. forget the skulls all over her scales, her eyes have scared plenty of people strait into the tree behind them. When she hunts, she uses a form of infrared that causes her eyes to take on almost a burning glow. her eyes also take on a more serpentine appearence; her irises narrow.

This has been nicknamed by some locals, the "Deathly Gaze", as those who've seen her and survived would speak of paralyzing fear when she first came out of hiding. Some even say to imagine having a pair of eyes that look through you. staring into the very depths of your soul and burning into you. They say you can't move, can't think, and all you know is the fear that comes right before the moment one's death is upon them...

6. Tracking her... For many predators and magic sensative beings on Felarya, it's very easy to track prey or other creatures by the magical aura they poses. Some predators - like Crisis, USe this as an uncanny sixth sense. Malika Lacks this entirely and has to rely on other methods to hunt prey down - still with deadly efficiency.
Because of the nature of her body however, Malika cannot be tracked by normal means unless you know what to look for. When fanning out your senses for her, you're not looking for something - you're looking for nothing. When she's close, you'll feel like you're being watched, and you'll sense emptiness/nothingness in a large area where she is. Everything will most always go deathly quiet... just remember... if there's a big void around you... you're most likely already caught, but she's not impossible or hard ( usually) to reason with.

7. Malika is a slithering struggle. She's not a naturally existing Felaryan naga but rather the result of Xenonian bio-engineering. As a result, there is a constant struggle between a ravenous Anaconda, and the girl that everyone sees on the surface. The snake in her tends to come out when she hunts, or under extreme moments of stress (rare for her). Her eyes will tell you which part of her is more in control...
This is a trait that only the closest of close to her know - namly Relina, her mother, and Vivian...

8. Just when you thought it was safe to hide in the water... Most all naga's can swim - but many are no where near as dangerous in the water as they are on land (unless of course it's and of the sea faring species). MAlika Is almost more deadly in the water/from the water than she is on land.
With the ability to hide her massive body, hold her breath for extended perioeds of time, and still maintain clear vision, she's as likely to ambush you from a river as she is from a tree or from the ground - and with a more higher rate of accuracy with her first strike...

9. Her snake half is much longer than the average naga ( for obvious reasons) and much more dangerous if if ever wraps around something. Infact, when Malika DOES attack larger prey, she doesn't do it with weapons or traps. It's usually a hard disorienting hit, where she can get a good clamp with her jaws first, while her tail quickly works it's way around her victim. Then comes the death hug, followed by introductions to the belly

10. Tarynn - Yes.... Malika would totally go there, and do that...Truth be told, there's some common ground there, in very.. very... subtle ways. Before any of the "awkard" things ever happened, she'd probably smother the poor elf with hugs and such - especially after hearing her past. Infact, one could even go so far as to say she'd be quite the nice friend for Tarynn, were she feeling up to it. As for insecurities - no one is allowed to be insecure around THIS naga, she tends to go through great lengths to make those around her as confident as she is - finding whatever positive things she can to focus on. Tarynn would have to have the face and demeanor of a tonorion to scare the naga away.

11. Unlike a certain writer i know, Malika DOES infact Role-play. Anythime someone would ask - it's a service she'd gladly do. She'll simply pick that person up, play with them (and/or herself) for awhile, before putting them into her mouth and playing with them more there - of course she'll be rolling them around with her tongue the whole time, but that's a gimme...

Thus, Malika role-plays. right up until she swallows... Semantics will get you killed around this naga, if you aren't careful.
Just some things that most of you didn't know about Malika, some of her habits she has.

It's somewhat also about her wildside and some of her more serpentine features.

there's also a couple of lighthearted points :)

I'm so sorry i havent done ANYTHING in so long.. I watched anacondas today, and that made me wanna work on N A G A more. I could also blame :iconfrenchsnack: for making me want to flesh this out more - due to a very good recent piece that he wrote :P.

Please forgive any spelling mistakes, i dont have spellchecker available - and grammar aint all that important when you're a truck driver, lol.

Vivian, Crisis, Anna, Felarya - and many of it's inhabitants :iconkarbo:

Tarynn :iconsimonlorimer:
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XLRP Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
Very cute little list of facts. will there be one for Relina and Natalie?
turboman500 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
that's a good thought.. I might actually do that.
XLRP Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Thank you I'll be looking forward to it.
Niikopet Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
isn't Malika the one naga in that story where around the end (I think it's like the third story in or something) she eats the main character's girlfriend and he's there watching, too paralized to make a move due to his friend stopping him from getting them both killed? I can't remember the name of that story, or who made it, I remember that the naga had a skull on her tail though.
turboman500 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
could be - to my knowledge Malika is the only naga on Felerya with skulls all over her tail
Niikopet Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I take it you wouldn't know what story I'm referring to then...darn, I need to find that story! XD
turboman500 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
yea it's one of :iconglobfish: 's works i believe
Niikopet Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I sees, thanks, I'll go look through his stuff and pester him if I can't find it XD
Asuroth Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
A bunch of interesting facts of her- both personality and ability wise at that heh. It's good to know a bit more about her and even this rather dangerous aspect she has...but that bit about the struggle is very true. We know beyond all that she's all nice anyway :).
turboman500 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
She's as nice as they come. THat's why i had alot of sick stuff triggered by rage - because you have astronomical chances of ever making her feel rage :)
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